Thank you for seeing my husband and I yesterday.  We are very happy with your professionalism and the hygiene work on our teeth.  We will most definitely see you in July.  We will also recommend you to others. - S&J E.

I've had dental care for a long time, and I take care of myself, but it turns out I did not know what I was doing. You helped me to learn how to take care of myself better. Now that I have been coming regularly I have evidence for the first time that my gum health and attachment have improved and I am sure I will have my teeth for life now. Even though I am not on a dental plan, this method is still affordable, and my oral health is now an important part of my life. Sharon P.

I have been working with this dental hygiene clinic for a couple of years and it has worked well I believe for all parties involved. This arrangement has made it possible for more people to have received treatment. Dr. Astleford (dentist).

The most holistic approach to dental care in Salmon Arm. A.H.

I have never had such a thorough dental hygiene appointment in my life! Jody L.

It was a good session. Your hygienist is focussed on improving my teeth and gums and increases my awareness about my health as related to my teeth. (name not written)

It is better than a Spa Treatment! S.F. 

Awesome!!! Went above and beyond. R.W.

Awesome! I am happy with all you have done. S.M.

Fantastic! Great Service! J.W.

Excellent. Liz-Ann spent time on the phone with me to listen to my concerns and reassure me she was equipped to handle all my worries. It was way less nerve-wracking than I expected! Absolutely recommend to other nervous people. B.P.

For the time and attention. J.M.

I wish I had known about you 10 years ago, my teeth and gums would be so much bettter. I am grateful for your experience & expertise in saving my teeth. Roberta B.

I was in pain, I could not pay the amount all the dentists wanted and the Smile People helped me, even let me pay it in two payments to make it easier. I know I have to get that tooth looked at by a dentist one day, but for now I am out of pain, I can eat again, and I can start saving for that. Thank you! (name not written)

Amazing, Keep doing what your doing. I would absolutely recommend your clinic to friends and family. N.F. 

Great as always, no improvement needed: I come because of your focus on my teeth / mouth and ongoing needs. Yes I have recommended you! S.E.

Thanks for the repair yesterday you did a superb job! D.K.

My visit to The Smile People was extremely informative, enjoyable and is a true welcomed progressive dental experience. Liz Ann has a wealth of knowledge to help you. W.C.

I feel like you're very ahead, you care and you just want to make things better. And i wouldn't want to go anywhere else. S.F.B.

I have never had a dental hygiene treatment like this. I learned so much! R.R. (Retired Air Force flight trainer)

I am not missing going to the dentist. They would always criticise me about the state of my gums but never tell me how to do it. And they would always "have to" x-ray, and this & that, and during the times I did not have coverage I felt like I was not really wanted. I would only go if I had a problem because otherwise I would feel like I was being "milked" by businessmen being doctors. My goal is different: I want to keep my teeth for my whole life! S.E.

My friend took me too a massage and I would much rather be in your chair! S-L. F.

Great information given during exam. Recommend you? Absolutely,100%! R.D.

I am on a govt. seniors pension and would not be able to get my teeth cleaned if it wasnt for the Smile People doing a free service once a year. The first time I came it had been 10 years since they had been cleaned. Today they found that my thyroid is swollen on one side and they sent a notice to my doctor. It may be nothing or it may be that they have caught something that would not have been cought in time! Thank you!! S.L.

Much better than the 1st, I had a lot of problem areas but listening and following instructions have improved things a lot! Maintenance is critical if you want to keep your teeth as well as for health & wellness (name not included)

Some women go to have their hair or nails done. My treat is coming here for a cleaning. Better than a day at the spa and so much cheaper. Great music too! A.B.

You go the extra mile and take the time to educate. The rest of society could take a class in this. B.D.

Serious anxiety was dissipated with the sensitive, caring and professional approach to oral care. 1 least, 10 bestest: 10/10! Thanks for helping me. God bless you. (name not written)

Well, I do know it works: I used to get inflammation here and there and my mouth feels so much different now. I like coming back because it helps keep me accountable and motivated. E.S.

"Dear Liz Ann, thank you for the patient and caring way of sharing your knowledge of the importance of dentistry to one's overall long term health. You are obviously dedicated and inspired to create a positive impact through your profession. " M.W.

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