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 Fees for Services

As primary care health professionals we are in the business of helping people be well.

The services we provide are within the Scope of Practice for dental hygienists in British Columbia, and the fees we charge are according to the current BC Dental Hygiene Fee Guide.

We are accountable to the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia, which can and does do chart audits. 

Like all other dental and medical professionals, all treatment has to start with an examination, diagnosis and treatment plan. You may be surprised how much you can learn from this dental hygiene exam. Even if you have been here before, there are a number of things we always screen for because - hey - we want you to be well so we can continue to serve you!

OK, so what is it going to cost?

 Typical first-time treatment appointments for adults range between $200 and $300, sometimes it is less, sometimes more. The variation mainly depends on the state of oral health you present with, and therefore how much dental hygiene treatment you need, and also on what services you want or don't want. It is your body, after all. 

Besides scaling / root-planing ("cleaning"), this would include:

  • a complete dental hygiene examination and diagnosis, including oral cancer screening of the head and neck, as well as a periodontal examination
  • x-rays, if beneficial (and if you want them)
  • teeth polishing for smoothness and stain removal (if there is stain / roughness, and if you want)
  • removal of 'overhangs' - edges of fillings that stick out beyond where they're supposed to be and trap plaque
  • treatments to harden teeth, or protect against tooth decay, sensitivity, inflammation, infection, bad breath (if indicated, and if you want them)
  • fluoride-free options to reduce the bacteria that cause decay, bad breath and build-up to stick to you 

You also have the option to have grooved biting surfaces sealed to prevent decay from forming in these grooves.

Usually a complete examination is done once a year. The repeat exam fee is smaller for people who have been examined here before. Typical in-between exams maintenance appointments cost around $100 if you do your part with brushing and flossing, and stay within the recall time recommended based on your state of oral health.  

Temporary restorations and temporary re-cementations (crowns, bridges) with temporary restorative materials are currently priced at just over $100 and $70, respectively, and second or more of those within one quadrant at the same time are half-price. Most insurance plans cover these procedures, especially when they are insurance companies from outside BC. The BC Ministry program (for children and people on disability) currently covers temporary crown recementation.

How is pricing decided?

Fees for exams, x-rays, polish/stain removal, fluoride, sealants, temporary restorations, temporary crown / bridge recementations, teeth whitening, custom mouthguard fabrication, denture cleaning / labelling and home (or facility) visits all have set amounts, regardless of time spent.

Fees for scaling, root planing,finishing restorations, subgingival irrigation, desensitization and counselling for diet, smoking cessation, oral hygiene instruction and oral self-examination counselling are all priced a set fee per unit of time. One unit is 15 minutes, so 45 minutes of time is 3 units of that particular fee.

Fees and unit fees used in this clinic are the same as suggested by the current BC Dental Hygiene Association Fee Guide.


Why dental hygiene services matter:

Over time, plaque builds up on your teeth. Minerals in your saliva settle and harden, forming a rough, hard surface of calculus (“tartar”), which irritates the gingiva ("gums"). Ongoing irritation (“gingivitis”) can lead to gum disease (“periodontitis”), which is the gradual loss of bone and attachment. Dental hygiene is much more than a “cleaning”: it is prevention of, and helping to stop, periodontitis. Periodontitis is the irreversable loss of bone and attachment tissues, and the periodontal inflammatory process has proven links to:

  • Triggering of premature birth and low birth weight babies
  • Hearth disease and stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases
  • Recession, loose teeth, loss of teeth

Every person has different teeth, build-up rates, history, habits and health issues. Treatment, and cost, is different for everyone.

We will work with you, and with your budget! Let’s design a treatment plan.

Don’t like fluoride? Ask us about XYLITOL options, Re-Min fluoride-free tooth-rebuilding toothpaste, and how to use these for optimum results.

It is best to bring small children in as soon as possible - why wait until there is an issue? Start with a "Happy Visit": familiarization with smells, chair, water, air, suction and sounds in clinic so future visits will be easier. You can do this by age 1, or even as soon as your child can sit up. The Fee Guide price for a First visit - orientation (child up to and including 3 years old) is only $38.95

Children who have low caries risk benefit from coming in every 6 months, even if there are no obvious problems, because it prevents hard build-up from forming, it increases their confidence in treatment, and helps prevent the development of bad habits, permanent damage and the need for traumatic treatment. Then if someting does develop that needs a dental repair, the child is confident and can receive dental repair treatment without trauma.

Recent tooth decay, or recent tooth decay in the family or immediate peer group, are some of the factors that put a person at high caries risk. People with high caries risk benefit from coming in every 3 months: the goal is to prevent further tooth decay from developing, or at least stopping it in its tracks while it is minimal, and creating the stability that works people back into the low caries-risk conditions.



This clinic accepts almost all dental insurance, including RCMP and VAC Health cards, Ministry benefits for people on disability / PWMB income assistance, and the Healthy Kids program.

Of course it is expected that you pay for the percentage, or treatment, not covered by your insurance provider. For most insurance, if you like, we canvtake assignment, i.e. bill your insurance directly for the majority of the bill.

In theory, all children up to and including age 18 and living in households where the income is below a certain level are eligible for billing under the Healthy Kids program. A typical indicator is when the family receives Premium Assistance for the Medical Services Plan of BC. If you are not sure, you can call the Ministry at 1 866 866 0800 and choose "Healthy Kids Program" on the menu option. Or, with your permission, we can check eligibility for you online by BC CareCard number.

If you have financial barriers and you do not have an insurance plan to help you pay for dental maintenance, ask us about our Oral Health Account.