The Smile Mission Oral Health Outreach Society

is a BC registered, charitable society which can give tax receipts for money or in-kind donations. The Smile Mission is raising funds for the equipment required to provide on-site dental care in remote locations, and is currently fundraising for safe, legal, portable dental x-ray equipment to increase acces to care through portable outreach clinics. For more info, and to donate, call:

250 833 9923 or 250 832 6692

Scotch Creek outreach clinic

Sponsored by the Smile Mission Oral Health Outreach Society:

Starting in October 2017, we are hosting dental hygiene clinics during the second Saturday of the month in the North Shuswap Health Centre in Scotch Creek. Something for you?

===Clinics are cancelled until further nootice due to Covid 19===

 Smile Day- and Gift From The Heart 

Every year, around Valentine's Day, participating Independent Dental Hygiene Practitioners throughout Canada used to open their clinics for a day of no-cost dental hygiene services called Gift From The Heart, held for those members of our society who otherwise could not afford this essential care. Recently, a decision was made in Ontario to move GFTH to April, to coincide with dental week. We would like to be good sports and support the National Gift From The Heart effort and the next one, our 8th, was held on Saturday April 8, 2017.

The Smile People dental hygiene clinic is the first Independent Dental Hygiene Practice (IDHP) in British Columbia to participate in the National GFTH event. Our own first day of no-cost exams and dental hygiene was Smile Day, our own invention, on December 18, 2009. From February 2010 on, we joined the National movement and held GFTH around Valentine's Day.

What we learned is that the lack of access to dental care is especially pressing during the cold winter months. That is why we decided to carry on the February tradition with Smile Day. We invite other dental hygiene practitioners to participate in Smile Day too: contact us for info on sponsorships.

The next Smile Day event is scheduled for Saturday, February 12, 2022. 

At the same time, we continue support the National Gift From The Heart effort, which would have happened in April 2020 and 2021, but alas were cancelled due to Covid 19. The next GFTH day is tentatively scheduled for June 26, 2021.

For questions: 250 832 6692

If you need dental care and were unable to make it to the free events, you can still contact us for a consult. We cannot work for free all the time, but many people are helped through our Oral Health Account: a unique, year-based plan that helps break down the cost and treatment into portions that are easier to manage.





Smile Day 2009

Over 40 people received a dental exam and were booked and later given a pro-bono dental hygiene service. Now they are on the road to oral health. What a great success!

Many thanks to Dr. Robert Johnson, DDS for doing dental exams.

Many thanks to Laurie Hebert and to Bonnie Petersen for sterilizing, developing x-rays, assisting and generally keeping things and people flowing smoothly.

Many thanks to Jennifer Peters for managing reception, making charts, getting charts filled out and organizing booked appointments and drop-ins.

It could not have been done without you, and I am so happy we did it!

Liz-Ann Munro Lamarre