Why the dental hygiene clinic?

Because you deserve to relax and be treated with honour, thoroughness and dedication. You don't just want to be treated: you want to be well. Everyone does. 

aging mother and daughter

That is why you come to the place where we promote

prevention, not repair.

That's why you get your treatment from someone who is totally into it.

Your appointment time depends on you, and on what you need. It does not depend on an external schedule designed by somebody else.

It doesn't matter how bad you think things are: chances are that worse has come through here before. And if not, we will be even more excited to welcome you! 


Some quotes from clients:

"This place is most unlike any dental office I have ever been to"

"I am tired of getting that fast and fluffy 'cleaning' that makes me feel like a number"

"I come to you because you tell me the truth, and then you show me how I can help myself"

"I need to work during the day. Thanks for having [early morning, evening and Saturday] options"

"The kids say that they want to go to the 'nice dentist hygienist lady' again"

"I don't want to be put down anymore"